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Programme updates

We're pleased to announce details of some workshops we're running at the end of the month and during November.

As restrictions are still in place we're initially running a lot of our sessions online via Zoom. We aim to deliver group work indoors, as soon as it is safe for us to do so and are working with partners to find appropriate workspaces.

The upcoming workshops include:

- Wildlife Photography workshop with Jack Perks. This is an online tutorial followed by an outdoor practical workshop.

- Mixed Media Art workshop with Susan Bedford. This is a three part workshop delivered online.

- Digital Landscapes Drawing workshop with Megan Rose.

Please visit the Creative Workshops page for full details.

We continue to work on our programme and will soon announce details of Film Making workshops, Creative Writing workshops, and further Photography and Arts and Crafts workshops. All of which will continue in a physical workspace as soon as possible.

We will also soon be sharing an Art Book with activity ideas and news updates of Nottingham's Arts and Culture scene.

As a lot of activities and services have currently moved online, if you need some guidance on how to use these digital platforms, read our post on Staying Connected.

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