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Staying Connected

We are currently compiling a programme of activity for you to participate in, and details will soon be available. Due to the restrictions around the number of people that can meet in groups and the locations we're able to use, we will be using digital platforms such as Zoom and YouTube to host tutorials and workshops. These will take place alongside activities we are able to run outdoors and in a limited range of indoor spaces.

We are among a lot of organisations and services that have been forced to turn to digital forms of engagement but will work hard to ensure the programme we offer is still accessible to our members. We continue to review local guidelines and develop a programme that safely utilizes appropriate venues and resources for the benefit of all our members.

If you need some support with using digital technology, a useful list of information, tool kits and guides has been compiled by Connected Nottinghamshire to help you stay connected and safe whilst online. All of the guides and toolkits can be found here

We’ve picked out a few we thought might be helpful:

  • Getting started with Zoom - click here

  • Video Calling (Including: WhatsApp, FaceTime, Messenger and Skype) - click here

  • Staying safe online - click here

Another useful service is currently available through Clicksilver Connections. The organisation is offering one to one mentoring for participants needing some additional support with using a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. They will cover topics such as: Computer settings, useful websites, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Email, Community support groups, Online shopping and payments.

The sessions will take place over four weeks on Wednesday afternoons between 12pm and 1pm. If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from some help you'll need to complete a referral form and provide a brief description of what help is required. Click here for the referral form. A call with then be arranged  within 48 hours to discuss further.

You can contact Clicksilver Connections via 07725 638028 or 07415 960513 

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