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Studio Pottery as part of the 'Crafted in Clay' exhibition at Newstead Abbey

Some of Cool Company members taking part in The Book of Dead Time

The Book of Dead Time Artist comission

Endless creativity in our Art Club

Painting club's March project

Painting their own interpretation of Van Gogh's Landscape at Twilight

Just Jamming

Musicians at the monthly 'Just Jamming' session

Bead making

Jewellery making by ArtSpeak Art Club members

Art Club

Bead work and broach making at the ArtSpeak Art Club


Lantern making for Light Night at Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens

art club

Fortnightly Art Club - Bead making demonstrations

Exhibition Walkthrough of Sophie Ryder exhibition at Djanogly Gallery

Christmas event

Meet Me at 25 Prospect Street Christmas Special

Kindred Spirits

Our Kindred Spirits Theatre Group doing some improvisational tasks

Just Jamming

Some of our members during a Just Jamming session at 25 Prospect Street

Art Club

Art Club members having a go at autumnal weaving

African prints

Beautiful work produced during an Artist residency with Annette Waterfield at our Meet Me at 25 Prospect Street session

Exhibition visit

Viewing some work by Henry Moore at Derby Museum of Making

Gallery walkthrough

A gallery walkthrough at New Art Exchange

ArtSpeak visits

A visit to the Museum of Making in Derby to see the Henry Moore exhibition

Meadows crafts

Wreath making workshop during our Friday art sessions at Meadows Arkwright Community Gardens

Screen printing

An afternoon session at Meet Me at 25 Prospect Street with Artist Jane Stockley delivering a screen printing workshop

Art club

Some of our brilliant art club members posing with their baskets they made

Painting club

Our painting club with Artist Mark Beaven

Art and nature

Participants enjoying an outdoor element to our workshop at AMC gardens

Leaf studies and watercolours

Participants were studying leaves and using the mediums of drawing and watercolour during this session in the Meadows at AMC Gardens

Art and Nature

Art session at Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens

Some of our members enjoying a visit around Newstead Abbey

Exploring the gardens at Newstead Abbey on an ArtSpeak Ambles visit

Some of our members enjoying a painting workshop outdoors to study trees

Cool Company dance workshops

Dance workshops in the Space at Nottingham Contemporary as part of Cool Company

Members taking a closer look at one of the sculptures on the Radical Horizons trail at Chatsworth

ArtSpeak visits

A fantastic sculpture by Dana Albany that we saw on a visit to the Radical Horizons exhibition at Chatsworth.

ArtSpeak Visits

Members interacting with an installation at Chatsworth

ArtSpeak visits

Members enjoying a guided tour of the Radical Horizons exhibition at Chatsworth

Art Club

Gardener of the Forest installation

Sherwood Art Week

Our Art Club's installation at Sherwood Art week in the window of Sanita's flower shop


A beautiful depiction of flowers during one of our painting workshops.

Painting workshop

Members learning new brush techniques during our painting workshops


Members practicing mindfulness during a session in Woodthorpe Park


Members exploring Woodthorpe Park as part of The Art of Stillness - Mindfulness Walk

Art sessions

Some of our Art club members working hard on producing the rainforest scene for a collaborative piece

Art Club

Some of the exotic flowers made by art club members which will be displayed as part of Sherwood Art Week - Art in Shops from 24 June.

Poetry workshop delivered by John Humphreys and Clare Stewart. (Photo credit. Tom Platinum Morley)

Our narrowboat experience as part of Nottingham Poetry Festival with a poetry workshop on board. (Photo credit. Tom Platinum Morley)

Participants joining in a Poetry workshop on a narrowboat - part of Nottingham Poetry Festival (Photo credit. Tom Platinum Morely)

Art Club

Giles the orangutan, the star of an art installation being produced for Sherwood Art Week by members of our Art Club

ArtSpeak Visits

Discussing art work at Yorkshire Sculpture Park during an Artist led walk, talk and make session.

ArtSpeak Visits

Taking inspiration from a Sean Scully Sculpture for some mud painting at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

ArtSpeak visits

Members exploring the sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Music improv night

Some of our regular Just Jamming members taking the lead with Just Jamming Extra at The Robin Hood

Art Club

Some beautiful felting work created by Art Club members

Photography Group

Photography participants enjoying a visit to Nottingham Castle

States of Matter at St Mary's Church during Light Night 2022

Light Night

Some members getting ready to explore Light Night 2022

Some of our Art Club members trying faux stone carving

ArtSpeak Art Club

Members getting into faux stone carving during our fortnightly Art Club

Art Club

Faux stone carving at ArtSpeak Art Club

Art Club Workshops

Member John's design was produced using a Shire Horse Brass as he was inspired by a workshop around canal art that was delivered by Radford Care Group Artist in residence Annette Waterfield

Carving owls during ArtSpeak Art Club

Art Club

Tuesday Art Club in December - The group looked at wire work

Linocut printing

Some linocut designs produced during Tuesday Art Club

Jamming session

Musicians enjoying a fun session together at Just Jamming

Just Jamming

Some musicians at our October Just Jamming session

Art Class

Inspired by autumn leaves and making rubbings during our fortnightly Art Club

Art Club

Experimenting and exploring ideas in our Art Club

Theatre Group

Kindred Spirit members improvising under the trees at Wollaton Park

Theatre Group Members

Some of the Kindred Spirit Theatre Group members during a session at Wollaton Park

Participants trying out new techniques during our June Photography walk

Getting closure to nature during our Urban Nature photography walk

Participants exploring the Victoria Embankment during our Urban Nature Photography walk

Our Art Club members worked with Artist Anna Roebuck to make bunting from recycled plastics

Beautiful designs created for bunting in the first Art Club at 25 Prospect Street in July

Artist Anna Roebuck led a session on how to create bunting from recycled plastics in our first Art Club session

Experimenting with different view points during our Photography walk

Participants during our Architecture Photography Walk in Nottingham City Centre - (Photo credit, Sammy)

Participants working with Photography Tutor Dominic Pote on different camera techniques

Photography group participants trying out alternative camera techniques at Newstead Abbey

Practicing pinhole photography with polaroid film in the Japanese Gardens at Newstead Abbey in a photography workshop with Dominic Pote

A brilliant evening of live music from AJAR

Local Folk Trio - AJAR at our Light Night 2020 event

Light Night 'Your Time to Shine' open mic with AJAR performing

A great group of talented musicians enjoying the opportunity to play together

Our regular drummer playing brilliantly at Just Jamming

Guitar and Bass player at Just Jamming

One of our first Just Jamming sessions in Jesse Boot's old office at The Embankment

A trio of musicians playing together at Just Jamming

An Accordion Player enjoying playing at our Just Jamming music night in February

Just Jamming at The Embankment Pub in West Bridgford

A step back in time as we explore the cottage that was once home to the Poet John Clare.

A visit to John Clare's cottage as part of our Literary Season

Another example of the beautiful work produced by participants in our painting workshop at Lakeside

Some amazing final results in the 'Expressive Use of Colour' painting workshop

Peices of work produced and influenced by the later work of Ivon Hitchen's

Amazing pieces of work produced in Liz Goulding's introductory painting workshop

Painting workshop 3

Beautiful colour palettes created with Acrylics

Participants working with Liz Goulding and taking inspiration from Ivon Hitchens

Expressive use of Colour workshop at Lakeside Arts

Working with China Petals Artist, Diane Daley

Making china mosaic Christmas designs at Winwood Heights

Artist and Tutor Liz Goulding discussing painting techniques

Participants experimenting with acrylics on canvas

Selecting compositions in our 'Expressive use of Colour' workshop with Liz Goulding

Exploring Ivon Hitchens later works

Gallery walkthrough of Ivon Hitchens 'Space Through Colour' at Djanogly Gallery with Head of Programming, Neil Walker

Some of our photography group enjoying an afternoon out at Highfields Park with Tutor Jagdish Patel

Participants getting creative with Artist Nancy Power

Some of the fantastic designs created during the introductory to linocut printing workshop

Participants printing their linocut designs with Artist Nancy Power in the introduction to Linocut printing workshop at City Arts

Our walkthroughs are relaxed and informal and a great introduction to Contemporary Art

ArtSpeak Meets at New Art Exchange

Members exploring the 'Open' Exhibition at New Art Exchange as part of our monthly walkthroughs

The group meet every Monday to try out new Art skills

Participants enjoyed experimenting with colours and designs

Silk Painting with Jessica Kemp at our monthly sessions in Clifton

Sarah Manton led a great paper cutting workshop for participants in Clifton as part of their weekly art group

Participants in Clifton adding lots of detail to their designs

Monday creativity in Clifton with participants learning about Paper cutting with Artist Sarah Manton and trying out various techniques

Participants loved helping to create our Graffiti style origami wall at Bulwell Arts Festival

Residents at Lathkill Close enjoyed making origami pieces to create a large wall installation

Bulwell Riverside

Participants helped create this design out of Origami with Pulp and Fold Artist, Karen Barnes as part of the Bulwell Arts Festival

Mosaic workshop with China Petals at Haworth Court in Clifton

Learning from the Bauhaus

Artist Sian Watson Taylor giving an informative and passionate talk about the Bauhaus and the work created as a result of its pioneering approach to teaching, during our walkthrough at Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside.

Djanogly Walkthrough

Enjoying a closer look at some of the work in the Homage to the Bauhaus Exhibition at Djanogly Gallery during our Artist led walkthrough in May

New Art Exchange

Our first gallery walkthrough with Aaron Schoburgh. An impressive, vibrant exhibition reflecting a combination of cultures and iconic brands.

Meadows Creative Cafe

Some of our Creative Cafe participants in The Meadows sharing stories and memories of the area

Light Night Pop Up

Participants helping add the final touches to the ArtSpeak origami installation

Light Night Pop Up

Beautiful paper used for the origami workshop on Light Night

Light Night Pop Up

One participant helping to add to our origami wall in Nottingham's Urban Rooms

Light Night Pop Up

For Light Night 2019 we hosted a pop up event with Artist Karen Barnes who led an origami workshop

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