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ArtSpeak (The Radford Centre) 

Prospect Street,

NG7 5QE 

E: Artspeak@radfordcaregroup.org.uk

T: 0115 7484269 / 07579067442

Registered Charity Number: 1073938

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We have a range of workshops that give you the opportunity to get creative and try something new. Whether it's a skill you want to improve and develop or something completely new, we work with a fantastic team of professional Artists, and Facilitators to help you get the most out of the session. 

ArtSpeak Meets/Create

Thursday Mornings:





Get Social at Winwood 


As part of a new social hub, join us for this pilot series of relaxed and informal workshops with local writer and poet, Andrew Graves.


Take a journey through time in these fun and thought-provoking sessions based around heritage, placemaking and history. 

Come along to meet and connect with others, share stories about your life, your heritage and your connection to Nottingham.


There’ll be maps of the City, plus images and archive material to help spark up some memories. Feel free to bring along any of your own images or items. 


These are four initial introductory sessions with the view to extend to a weekly hub of activity. There is no obligation to attend every session. 

Please contact us to book your place

10:00 - 12:00 


Winwood Heights,

Chestnut Walk, 



NG5 4DX 

ArtSpeak Participate


An Introduction to Portrait Photography

Ever wanted to have a go at portrait photography but didn’t know where to start, or are you just not getting the results you want?


Experienced photographer Michael Rowlands is delivering a masterclass to develop your skills and understanding in this style of photography.


You’ll learn how to successfully frame, light and compose your shots whilst working with a model and using specialist equipment to help you achieve the best results. Read more about the photographer here

13:00 - 16:00

£5 ArtSpeak Member Price 

£8 Non Members 


48 - 52 Canal Street 


NG1 7EH 

ArtSpeak Create


Drawing workshop 

Join Fine Artist Simon Withers for this introductory Still Life drawing workshop.

Still Life is a meaningful subject in art for learning the skills of drawing. It teaches us how to look at objects and see them as an Artist, allowing us to interpret them individually.  


Through the session you'll learn some drawing techniques and will explore the outline of objects, shape, proportions, tone, texture, form and composition. 

13:30 - 16:00 

£5 (All materials included, but please feel free to bring your own sketchbooks etc)

City Arts

11 - 13 Hockley

NG1 1FH 

ArtSpeak Participate



Alternative Camera Techniques and Fine Art Photography Workshop

Expand your understanding of photography and get more creative with your practice by joining Fine Art Photographer Dominic Pote for two, fun and experimental, workshops that will teach you a range of alternative camera techniques. Both sessions will encourage and inspire you to explore new ways of working and capturing images. 

Throughout the sessions the following aspects will be covered:

Multiple exposure to capture more dynamic images, add texture or to add a sense of time and movement to images. 

Long exposures to capture time/movement/change or to create atmosphere. Experiment with intentional camera movement – walking with the camera, panning with the camera, intentional camera blur. Light trails, painting with light… 

Pinhole Photography – both traditional analogue pinhole photography and digital pinhole photography using a modified body cap. 

Different ways of seeing – Looking for unique viewpoints, using objects and materials to photograph through. Placing a restrictive crop in front of the lens to force a new way of framing a shot 

Alternative image capture – Solargraphy, Cyanotypes, polaroid-lift, using film cameras.

Workshop One – Indoor session at Café Sobar to include examples of Dominic’s work and building an understanding about what can be produced through various photography techniques. 

Workshop Two – Outdoor session at a local park location where you’ll have the opportunity to put these ways of working into practice and get hands on with different equipment.  

Limited spaces available – If you are attending workshop two you must attend workshop one.

To find out more about Dominic, visit our Artists and Tutors Page

13:00 - 16:00 

Workshop 1 and 2 - £15 Members price - BOOK

Workshop 1 - £8 Members price - BOOK

Non members £10 per workshop. 

ArtSpeak Participate



Documentary and Sequencing Photography Workshop 

Heard the expression a picture paints a thousand words? Use your photography to delve into, and document an area of interest, and explore the idea of using your images to build a narrative.

Throughout these two workshops led by Documentary Photographer David Severn, he'll set tasks and exercises whilst sharing tips and advice to help you explore the idea of storytelling through your photography. David will offer feedback and discuss and demonstrate key sequencing and editing techniques to prepare and encourage you to develop your own projects. 

David is particularly interested in the relationship between people, work and landscape. Through his own work he captures a sense of place from memories and cultural background.


To find out more about David, visit our Artists and Tutors page

13:00 - 16:00 

Workshop 1 and 2 - £15 Members price 



ArtSpeak Participate


Rural Landscapes and Fine Art Photography at Clumber Park

Head out of the City and get closer to nature by exploring the wonderful picturesque landscape of Clumber Park set in the Nottinghamshire Countryside with photographer Juliette Mills.

Taking a Fine Art approach, Juliette will share her expertise to help you view things in a different light and capture some unique images along the way. 

To find out more about Juliette, visit our Artists and Tutors page

Limited spaces available, get in touch to express your interest. 

11:00 - 16:00 




ArtSpeak Participate



Wildlife Photography 

It’s said you should never work with children or animals, but wildlife photographer Jack Perks makes the latter look easy and is delivering two workshops to help guide you in the right direction to achieving the results you want.


Whether you’re an avid wildlife photographer already or it’s an area you’d like to explore further, these informative and inspiring workshops will give you the tips and motivation you need to develop your skillset in this specialised field. 

Workshop one will be an indoor talk involving going through the basics of camera controls, fieldcraft and the best ways to get wildlife images.


Workshop two will be a field trip to Attenborough Nature reserve giving you the opportunity to put all the elements you’ve learnt into practice and having a go at taking your own wildlife images with support and guidance available from Jack.


To find out more about Jack, visit our Artists and Tutors page 

13:00 - 16:00 

Workshop 1 and 2 - £15 Members price 

Workshop 1 - £8 Members price 

Non members £10 per workshop.