Art Club

Our Art sessions at 25 Prospect Street are a welcoming space for you to explore your creative potential whilst learning and developing skills in a range of art mediums.


Led by our ArtSpeak resident artist Anna Roebuck, sessions are fun, engaging and stimulating.

With the opportunity to try something new each week, there will be something to suit all interests and abilities. This is a welcoming, encouraging and social space for you to be curious, experimental, and enjoy a tea and a chat.

No prior experience or knowledge in art is necessary.

Anna has many skills and a lot of experience so will come full of ideas for the group to try. She welcomes input from regular participants as to what to do in future sessions.

Sessions will take place fortnightly from 15:00 - 17:00, there is no obligation to attend each session. Booking is required so get in touch and come along when you can. 

Upcoming dates for 2022: 

January - 11th and 25th 

February - 8th and 22nd 

March - 8th and 22nd 

April - 5th and 19th 

To book any of the following dates please click herecontact us at 

or call 0115 978 6133

Anna is a mixed media artist, working in lots of mediums, but her main specialisation is recycling and specifically recycled plastics.

Next Session

We will use this page to update you about future sessions and whether there is anything in particular you need to think about, prepare or bring with you to participate in the activity. 

Keep an eye out for details

Date - 11 & 25 January 

Activity - Faux Stone Carving 

"I'm looking forward to returning to Art Club next week. I'm going to launch 2022 with faux stone carving. We'll do this for 2 sessions, starting with a simple relief design on session 1 and then building up to a more sculptural piece on session 2. It's a really effective technique and not nearly as difficult as you may think.

All materials and resources will be supplied but you may want to bring along your own gardening gloves and have a think about simple linear designs for the first week. The session is a little messy so don't wear your best outfit!!" 

(Anna Roebuck) 



Participants had the option of continuing to work on their linocut designs today. One member brought in brown paper bags to print onto and intends to use them as gift bags for family and friends. 

The group also had a go at wire work which they found very relaxing. Some made little Christmas inspired scenes and others were inspired by wildlife. 

Wirework2 .jpg


The group continued to work on their linocut designs this week and each made their own detailed prints. 

They took inspiration from a range of sources to each produce a unique design. 

Next session Anna is going to show how this printing technique can be transferred to the art of woodcuts. 



Last year Anna decided printing her own festive cards was to be an annual event and this is the inspiration for our latest set of Artspeak sessions. 

Today the group began to plan their designs, thinking about how they will develop them and what parts they need to cut out. Some began practising using the lino cutting tools; it's always good to get confident with a technique before embarking on your final design. Others had a go at using foam to create simple stamps, perfect for wrapping paper and tags. Not many photos today as we were all busy creating! 




During the October session the group were inspired by Autumn leaves and members explored a variety of techniques. They started with simple wax rubbings which picked up so much amazing detail and could be used as collage/decoupage material in the future or as stand alone designs; it's something you can easily do at home, Anna found it addictive!! The printing inks came out and they started to look at printing techniques using the leaves themselves, making easy stamps whilst getting to grips with using rollers and inks.



Using scraps of old fabric and some beautiful patterned samples that were donated to Radford Care Group from John Lewis the group made little owls. Owls symbolise wisdom, intuition, independent thinking and observant listening - we think these ones are pretty cute too! Look out for the design template in our next Art Book for you to try at home. 


Earlier in the month and throughout August, members of the Art Club have been learning the dotting painting technique and explored different surfaces to add decorative patterns to. 



Volunteer gardener's Kirsty and Eddie have been busy working in the garden at 25 Prospect Street to get it ready for the official opening of the building on Friday 17 September. We've put up the bunting made by the Art Group to add some extra colour and festive flair!


Another resident Artist on the ArtSpeak programme is Annette Waterfield. Annette has been working with the Radford Care Group members once a week and has created bird feeders from old china cups. Can you spot these in the above photos? We're hoping they help attract lots more birds into the garden. 


Using the same technique as explored in session one, the participants learnt about the endless possibilities when working with plastics and made tea light shades. 


The shades are designed to be used over a wine glass, when a tealight is placed in the glass a beautiful light is created. Anna shared her own example of a nautical themed design and participants were inspired to use flora and fauna in their shades. 


New members joined the group and enjoyed learning this technique, the group started considering what else they could produce whilst working in this particular artform. 

Art club
Art workshop
Art session
art club
Creative workshop
Art club

JULY -  

During the first session, Anna and the group members worked with recycled plastics and used a simple yet incredibly effective technique of bonding plastic to produce bunting which will be displayed in the garden at 25 Prospect Street.  

Each participant worked on their own design, drawing images and using pieces of different coloured plastic bags to add vibrancy to their pieces.

Art club
Creative workshop
Creative workshop
Art workshop
Art class

Some beautiful results have been achieved, and some of the members used the skills they learnt to produce some additional designs at home. One member had a go at incorporating dried flowers into pieces of bunting and another used the technique to make intricately designed broaches building up layers of cut petals.