Our members are a creative bunch and we're always keen to share what they've been working on or getting up to. 

If you've produced something or are working on something you'd like others to know about then get in touch with us. 


Beginning in September we ran a 10 week photography course led by Photographer Jagdish Patel. At the end of the course the participants exhibited their work as part of the Off Centre Photo Festival. 

The gallery below shows some of the images that were taken by participants during the course as well as pieces from their broader portfolio of work. 

Creative Writing & Poetry 

 'Ode To Chris' 

By Miriam Gifford 

My Name is Resurgence:  I live in a tent

They keep trying to house me; but I can't pay the rent. 

I live round the Meadows, I like to be free

There’s a community here, they let me be,

The Autocracy says that I’m supposed to



They want me to change; fit with the norm,

I have the Trent beside me, flowing to the sea

I sit by it at night, see all its’s ‘beautee’,

Read the whole poem here

We first met Miriam when she attended our Creative Cafe in the Meadows. She has also participated in our Creative Writing Course. 


Hundred and Fifty Horse-Tail Hairs

By Simon Kew 

Violins pitch our mercurial desires.
A luthier figures these by number,
sets a finger-board at 85 degrees.

The bow is laid across his knee -
a sprung and gently tapering length:
the artist in him measures craft by feel.

How much of us is needed for his hands
to match, reach into a body’s dark interior,
expose the pulling of heart-strings’ winding?

Music interleaves in us, but who knows how?
Luthiers are busied scrolling, edging corners
setting ribs, burnishing the spruce and maple

until they sing. In the end what can they do
but hang the varnished body out to dry in
a room of mirrors and humming lights?

Kind of Blue

By Simon Kew 

forlorn recessionals

cracked arpeggios

and the heart silent

like an owl’s wing.

We track those down-beat

opening chords,

the tawny bass’

open hands,

the piano filling up

with winter,

plump yearning

by the ream.

Then a cymbal’s white-out frost

and melodies of falling snow.

Simon says " I wrote this poem with the great jazz track

So What in mind from the album 'Kind of Blue'.

Simon is a Just Jamming musician, attending the monthly sessions at The Embankment pub and Kitchen.  

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