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Free Painting Tutorials - The best way to learn is to do

Got the gear but no idea? If you like the idea of painting but aren’t sure where to start, we have worked with Artist Ben Sherwin to produce a series of recorded workshops to show you how to work with Acrylic paints.

The workshops are informative, encouraging and easy to follow along to from home. Each one will reflect on what you learnt in the last video, helping you to build on your skillset and put new techniques into practice. Throughout the series Ben discusses ideas for where to look for inspiration, and covers all parts of the painting process to prepare you for producing your own composition.

Although these videos have been produced to specifically talk about Acrylic Paints, a lot of the advice shared can be applied to working with other paints. You’ll be taken through different steps, such as observational sketching, the rule of thirds, colour mixing, and colour balance. Different painting techniques such as dabbing and dry brushing are shown, and you’ll start to understand the importance of developing and using your own artistic license.

"The best reason to paint is there is not reason to paint" - Keith Haring

To take part you'll need some Acrylic Paints, a range of Acrylic brushes, and heavy weight paper suitable for painting, you could also have a go at working on canvas. This is all explained in the first video which is available to watch here.

The workshops have been delivered in three parts, and can be revisited as often as you need, to help you progress towards completing your own unique artwork.

For Part Two click here for Part Three click here

The videos can also be found on our Online Workshops page.

MEET THE ARTIST - Ben is holding a feedback, Q&A session on Friday 26 March at 11am

This will last up to 45 minutes and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the process and share how you’ve been getting on. If you would like to join this session, please get in touch with us to book a place. If you have any questions prior to this session or have specific areas you would like Ben to cover, please let us know. If you have any images of what you have been producing and would like to share them, we’d love to see them and can send these to Ben prior to the session. Please contact us by emailing - or calling 07579067442

About the Artist -

Ben is an illustrator and painter. Inspired by the countryside and everything outdoors, Ben enjoys going on walks, wildlife watching and exploring new places which is seen in his portfolio of work.

He has applied various methods to producing work, from digital to charcoal and watercolour, print and traditional oil painting. His main themes reflect a passion for narrative, both for young and old. More of Ben’s work can be seen in the February Artbook available to view here.

About the Medium -

Acrylic - Acrylic paint wasn't discovered until the 20th Century; created in the early 1930’s it was initially designed for use as house paint or on military vehicles due to its fast-drying qualities. Artists started working with the medium in the 1950's when it became commercially available.

This was at a time where movements and forms such as Photorealism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art were starting to be explored by Artists such as Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol.

The versatility of Acrylic paint made it a favourible medium for Artists to work with. When the paint is thinned down with water it features the softness of watercolour, but it can also be applied thickly and show the sharpness of oils. The possibility for boldness and clarity was perfectly illustrated by Pop Artist Andy Warhol in his work ‘Campbell’s Soup Can’. It was after this that the medium gained real recognition.

More information about this medium and the Artists who work with it, can be found from page 9 in the February Artbook available to read here.


25 Prospect Street Art Sale - Artist Dawn Wilsher has donated some of her work to help raise funds for the Radford Care Group Charity (Now rebranded as 25 Prospect Street.) A selection of the artwork, including original paintings and prints, are available to view in this short video

Additional information about the cause can be read here and a price list for the artwork that is featured can be viewed here. All of this is also featured on our Venues and Partners Page. More of the work is available to view by appointment at Prospect Street.

Member news - ArtSpeak member Dr Theo Stickley has recently published a new book titled Short Strolls To Destiny. The book is about one man’s journey of clarifying and coming to terms with his changing religious beliefs (or lack of them), and his spirituality. His inquiry takes in the arts, mental health, counselling, philosophy and religion.

"It's a fab read. Lots to think about and ideal for those who are asking questions about Self and meaning."

More information about the book and the writer can be found here

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