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Our parent organisation Radford Care Group have recently rebranded as 25 Prospect Street and are now working from their brand new purpose built Centre. 

Radford Care Group continue to run a fantastic Day Care and Friendship Group service throughout the week and the building is home to some of the activities in our ArtSpeak programme - Tuesday Art Club and painting groups,  and Just Jamming music event. 

We also have Participatory Artist Annette Waterfield working as Radford Care Group Artist in Residence throughout August - January 2022. To see some of the sessions she has run click here. 

RCG 2.png

25 Prospect Street

(Radford Care Group) 


Have a look around the space by watching this walkthrough video 

As a charity, Radford Care Group continue to fundraise to make the Centre even better, for current members and the wider community. One supporter of the work they do is local Artist Dawn Wilsher, who has kindly donated some of her work to help raise some vital funds.

A selection of her work is available to view in the video below.

Read more about the cause here 

Look at the price list here

We're delighted to also be working in partnership with the following organisations as part of the ArtSpeak programme.

NAE .png

New Art Exchange 

ArtSpeak Meets at New Art Exchange - Monthly Gallery Walkthroughs and meet up opportunities. 

Visit the Gallery Visits page for the latest activities 


Nottingham City Homes 

ArtSpeak Create and Participate. 

A range of creative workshops and activities for all residents and the wider community. 


Nottingham Arts Theatre 

ArtSpeak Participate 

Weekly Theatre hub - Kindred Spirit in the Studio. 

Bulwell Riverside .jpg

Nottingham City Libraries 

ArtSpeak Creative Café, ArtSpeak Create and ArtSpeak Participate 

ArtSpeak activities in a range of the City's libraries. 

Visit the programme page for the latest activities 


City Arts 

City Arts Create - Monthly creative workshops. The first Monday of each month. July 2019 - February 2020

If you'd be interested in joining us as a partner get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. 


Djanogly Gallery - Lakeside Arts 

ArtSpeak Meets and Create 

We're working together to provide a regular programme of Gallery Walkthroughs and Creative workshops inspired by the latest exhibitions. 

Keep an eye the Creative Workshops and Gallery visits pages for the latest activities 

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