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Your invitation to Dance!

We're launching a new dance project, this Spring, with choreographer and dance teacher Deane McQueen.

This brand new improvisation ensemble will be known as Cool Company and is a unique opportunity for people living locally to come together in a group to look at how we go about imagining, watching, thinking, sharing and moving in our everyday lives.

This is a pilot project with the intention of continuing and developing the group after this initial series of sessions.

The dance sessions will be taking place in The Space at Nottingham Contemporary over four consecutive Tuesdays starting 26 April. This is a visually striking and multifunctional space within the renowned Nottingham Contemporary that is ideal for dance rehearsals and being explorative with this practice.

We also invite you to attend a welcome session on 12 April which will be an opportunity for you to meet with Deane and the other participants before the beginning of the sessions. You'll also explore the exhibition in the gallery spaces together and consider what you could take from it to inspire the work you'll collectively create.

No prior dance or movement experience is required, this will be a new experience full of movement and joy.

Ahead of the sessions we've asked Deane a few questions to give you a bit more perspective which will hopefully intrigue and inspire you to take part!

We asked Deane what is so great about dance, here's what she said -

"Dance moves the body about. Dance has a pulse. Dance is something we do in public. Dance is something we do alone in secret. Dance plays out through culture, history, gender, style, fashion, music, film, drink, showing off, falling over and more. Dance is something our parents did. Dance is something we think we can’t do. Dance is something we think we can do. Dance is something we imagine ourselves doing. Dance is romantic, radical, political, ritualistic, chaotic, obsessive, frivolous. Dance is something we watch. Dance is something we copy. Dance is identity. Dance is essential. Dance has never gone away. Dance is here now. Dance is all of us."

What can people expect from these sessions?

"The sessions will focus on the participants, support working together, include everybody’s experiences and value our differences. Everyday movement will be refashioned from the ordinary to the extraordinary using a wide variety of simple exercises, our imaginations and often with humour."

What would you say to anyone considering signing up for these sessions?

"Please do! This is an exciting opportunity to be part of something special, learn new things and build positive active relationships. We need to be together again, make plans, energise and share our lives. ArtSpeak in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary are making us an extraordinary offer."

What’s your vision for Cool Company?

"To place older people, their aspirations, sense of achievement, rights and choices at the centre of the company. Through ownership, individuals will fulfil their creative potential, feel positive about themselves and grow. Curiosity and experimentation will be given space to thrive nurturing radical choreography that challenges aesthetic norms and performs in unusual spaces. Cool Company will give voice to the unexpected, looking outwards to make new friends and safe spaces. Visits to performances, visual arts exhibitions and film will be organised to reflect and reach beyond mutual interests."

If you fancy the sound of what Cool Company has to offer, sign up now to take part and become part of this exciting project. Click here to book your place.

All dates: Tuesday 12 & 26 April, 3, 10 & 17 May, 10:00 - 12:00

If you have any questions and would like to speak to Deane before you book onto the sessions, get in touch with us at and we'll arrange this for you.

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