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When all else fails, there is always Art

Finding ways to relax and stay mindful is proving more important than ever and practicing mindfulness through art can be a great place to start.

Starting next week we've got a short series of mindfulness sessions to help you learn the art of being mindful, develop your artistic skills and express your thoughts and feelings through your artwork.

"Mindful Art focuses on the activity of creating and being present in the moment. We can all benefit from Mindful Emotional Support and investing in our own wellbeing. By rekindling our friendship with our inner artist we can give ourselves a creative voice." Amber Bain

The sessions can be enjoyed separately or as a full series.

£5 per workshop or £10 for all three

Limited resources are required - material packs are available

Shades of Emotion -

Tuesday 19 January, 10:30 - 11:45

Colours can evoke different emotional responses within us; learn how to use colour theory language to express your feelings within your artwork. Using watercolour pencils you’ll experiment with mixing colour hues and learn how to add a tint, shade and tone to your work. Book now

Inner Landscapes -

Tuesday 2 February, 10:30 - 11:45

Learn self exploration techniques to visualise your own Inner Landscape. Explore the inner and outer self and think about the person we portray ourselves as, and our true reflections. Using watercolour pencils you’ll learn how to blend colours through shading and adding water to produce your own unique abstract artwork. Book now

Sound Reflections -

Tuesday 16 February, 10:30 - 11:45

Sounds can evoke different emotional responses within us. In this workshop sounds of the Sea, Countryside and Rainforest will be used as stimuli to evoke and influence your feelings and images to create three artworks. Throughout the workshop you will work with watercolour pencils and use masking fluid to explore how this material can be used to create resistance and influence in your artwork. Book now

To book all three workshops and receive a block booking discount click here

"We may not always be able to communicate our thoughts and feelings with spoken or written words but we all have something to express. Art is fundamentally about expression and with our Creative Voice we can visually explore our Inner Self and express our thoughts and feelings through Mindful Art." Amber Bain
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