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Local scenes -

What’s your favourite spot in Nottingham?

Does the scenery change much throughout the seasons?

Do you have any photos of it?

Can you draw it from memory?

A list of eight beauty spots was put together by the Nottingham Evening Post – would any of these places be on your list and is there a specific area of each location you like best?

Nottingham Arboretum

Creswell Crags

The Cascade at Highfields Park (University Park)

The City of Caves

Wollaton Hall Park

Spa Ponds in Clipstone

Lime Tree Avenue at Clumber Park

Sherwood Forest

Taking inspiration from the local scenery -

In December we visited the Ivon Hitchens, Space Through Colour exhibition at Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre. We were lucky enough to have a special walkthrough led by the Head of Visual Arts Programming, Neil Walker which helped deepen our understanding about the work in the exhibition and the painter himself.

Hitchen’s career spanned over six decades, he started exhibiting work in the 1920’s and was the founding member of the Seven and Five Society, a collective of Artists and Sculptors including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and artist plantsman Cedric Morris, who he exhibited with throughout the 1930’s.

Hitchen’s was best known for his landscapes featuring brush strokes of bright colour. This signature style was formed after moving to the rural countryside of West Sussex in 1940. This was a critical move due to his Hampstead Studio being bombed in the second world war. A year earlier, he’d purchased six acres of woodland and the work he and his wife did to this land in the coming years gave Hitchens an ever-changing and often challenging subject to work from.

He became deeply absorbed by the surrounding landscape and found endless inspiration in this beautiful haven which is apparent in his extensive portfolio of paintings.

“I seek to recreate the truth of nature by making my own song about it (in paint).”

Scenes on TV and Film -

What's your favourite Television programme?

What's your favourite film?

What is it about them you love?

Do they appear on the list of the top 100 films and tv programmes of the 21st Century as compiled by the Guardian?

Find out on the film list here

Find out on the television show list here

This could be a good time to discover some new favourites too.

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