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New Creative Opportunities

What’s the key to a successful film/ documentary/ TV programme? Are you finding that you’re turning to the television more than usual at the moment? Is it for escapism, comfort, information? Would you like to find out more about the filming process, learn some of the tricks and techniques used and have a go at exploring your own narratives?

We’re going to be working with film maker Keith Allott to run an introductory series of filmmaking workshops to give you an insight into the main aspects of filmmaking and a chance for you to have a go at making your own microfilms.

Filmmaking is broken into three simple stages, Pre-Production for getting your script sorted and planning your shots, Production, doing the actual filming and Post-Production, assembling those shots to make the final film.

In the filmmaking sessions you’ll be looking at developing an easy to shoot script, discovering the different types of shots you can use and what they mean to the audience watching. Also revealed will be the different types of edits you can use and the free software available for you. Each week there will be film clips to watch, practical tasks for you to undertake and discussions to be had. At the conclusion of the sessions you’ll have your very own micro-short film.

“Creating short films whether they be fiction, documentary or experimental can be great fun and a lot simpler than it may at first seem. As long as you have access to something you can record with, like a phone or basic camera you can learn the rest in easy steps as you go along. By learning some very basic filmmaking techniques you’ll be amazed at what you can produce with very little.

Filmmaking like any other art form is open to everyone whether that be to develop new skills, experiment with the medium or challenge yourself in a new and innovative way. I love to talk, teach and make film and encourage others to have a look at it too and see what they can create.”

Keith Allott

The intention after this initial phase of online sessions is to run this as a regular group in an indoor setting. This will enable you to work with film equipment and expand your skills in the area of filmmaking you're most interested in. All group members will be a key part of the decision making process, your views and ideas will help develop the group and determine the type of content that is covered and what is produced.

More information about Keith and some handy websites to get you inspired can be found in the February ArtSpeak At Home Artbook on pages 15 & 16. If you've not yet downloaded it, click here to view.

These initial phase of workshops are FREE to ArtSpeak members and will take place on Thursday 11, 18 & 25 March, 11:00 - 12:30. Visit our Online Workshops page to sign up.

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