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Join us at Nottingham Light Night

Did you know it's Nottingham Light Night on Friday 4 & Saturday 5 February? Have you ever been to Light Night? Can you remember how many you have attended?

A note from Sharon Scaniglia - ArtSpeak Programme Manager and founder of Light Night.

This annual event has been running since 2007 with only one year when things didn’t happen which was in February 2021 due to COVID-19. I personally have been involved every year since starting the event as part of an initiative to bring people into the city in mid-winter to help regenerate the night time economy and allow families and older people to reclaim the streets of the city usually filled with night time revellers. Usually on a Friday night in February you would never see children out and about or people dressed to combat the cold. The usual mix being people out drinking, groups of men and different groups of women, couples and students.

During Light Night the dynamics changed, and we started to see families out and larger groups of friends which had the effect of diluting the drunkenness and marauding. The city felt welcoming, exciting, and cosmopolitan. It was a wonderful achievement and one that I am still proud to have been responsible for. Especially when there was no budget to run the event for four years between 2014 and 2018 and it kept going due to the development of all the community groups and cultural venues who invested in and valued what the event brought to them. This year, the City Council and Nottingham Business Improvement District (they represent the night-time traders in the centre of the city) have funded artists and community groups to create installations on the street and in venues for the 2022 event.

It’s great to see Light Night coming back this year and Hannah and myself will be out to see as many installations as possible on Friday 4 February. We would like to invite you to join us for a walk around. We shall meet at 18:30 outside the Theatre Royal. We would have planned to go to the Castle, however the tickets for this have now sold out so we will be planning a route around the city and finishing at St. Mary’s church any time between 21.00 and 21:30. We’ll then go onto a local drinking place to have a chat about what we have seen and experienced.

Join us to go on the walk or meet up with us at St. Marys. We look forward to seeing you and to a wonderful Light Night. Let us know if you would like to meet us by emailing us at Sharon

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