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Got a story to tell? Join our creative writing group

Explore your creative writing potential and get involved in our Creative Writing Hub by attending a new series of six writing workshops with Artist, Writing Teacher and Mentor, Cathy Lesurf.

These workshops are designed for all levels of writing ability. Cathy will use a range of fun and thought-provoking exercises and techniques to help you find and develop your own writing style.

Whether you’ve always liked the idea of writing but are never sure where, or how, to start. Or if you would like to receive feedback on how to improve your work, these sessions will provide you with the support, advice and guidance to help you thrive in your writing endeavours.

Cathy will cover the following areas each week:

Week One: Building Characters

Week Two: Thinking about Places and Settings

Week Three: Thinking about Plot - Story, Theme and Narrative Style

Week Four: Writing convincing dialogue

Week Five: Editing for purpose - putting it all together in a short, shareable piece

Week Six: Recording and sharing work

Workshops will take place at Meadows Library, Wilford Grove, NG2 2DR, on a fortnightly basis beginning Wednesday 12 February. 1 - 3pm

Dates - 26/02/20, 11/03/20, 25/03/20, 8/04/20 & 22/04/20

£30 non ArtSpeak Members, £25 Members or £8 per week. Book now

The intention is to continue workshops beyond these six sessions and incorporate other writing styles.

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