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Exhibition Walkthrough

We’ll be expanding our ArtSpeak Ambles programme to incorporate indoor gallery spaces in September and will begin with a visit to the National Justice Museum on Wednesday 8 September, 10:30 – 11:30.

The National Justice Museum uses a combination of real spaces, real objects and real stories to explore the impact justice and the law has on us, our community and society.

They have an extensive collection of fascinating objects that bring justice and the law to life.

Within the museum is also a gallery space for temporary exhibitions which is where our walkthrough will take place. The current exhibition is Power: Freedom to Create.

Power: Freedom to Create, has been curated in partnership with Koestler Arts and showcases contemporary and historic artwork that has been made in criminal justice settings. Alongside these works are newly commissioned pieces created by six artists and writers.

The inspiration for the exhibition began from a crafted soap sculpture from the Museum’s collection. This mini and intricate sculpture captivated people’s imagination and sparked a connection with the unknown artist.

It raised the question ‘where does the power lie in this work of art’, the discussions that followed shaped the foundation from which the exhibition grew.

Join us for a thought provoking and inspiring walk and talk around the exhibition with the National Justice Museum’s Artistic Programme Manager, Andrea Hadley-Johnson. This is a free activity. Click here to book a space.

We’ll also discuss the opportunity to participate in a Project Lab based around the Museum’s next exhibition, ‘Protest’. Get started by thinking about your response to the following questions.

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