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Cultural visits filled with History

What's your favourite venue of interest in Nottingham City Centre? Is it a Theatre? A Church? Are you interested in the history of a building, the architecture, the interior design, the artefacts? The stories within it, the people who once walked its rooms?

We've got some upcoming visits to two of Nottingham's most renowned cultural buildings, The National Justice Museum and Nottingham Castle.

Thursday 27 January, 14:00 - 16:00 National Justice Museum, High Pavement, NG1 1HN

Next week we're going to the National Justice Museum to visit their temporary exhibition space and view the current exhibition - Young People and Protest.

This exhibition is a celebration of the power, passion, and ability that young people have shown to get their voices heard, to fight against continued injustice and to enact change locally and globally. It showcases a snapshot of historical and contemporary youth activism from around the world and asks ‘how you will use your voice to fight for social change?'

The gallery will include art led commissions and historic objects. Exploring tools to protest ‘badges and placards’ methods of reporting ‘printed and digital media’.

What does protest mean to you? What cause would you protest about? How do you think protest can create change? Consider these questions during a thought provoking walk around the exhibition space and view the work that has been produced in response to this theme.

This walkthrough will be followed by an object handling/making session and refreshments. The walkthrough is free to attend. Book a place by clicking here

Combining Photography with a walkthrough -

Wednesday 16 February, 11:00 - 13:00 National Justice Museum, High Pavement, NG1 1HN

If photography is your medium of choice, combine a visit to National Justice Museum with a practical photography session and join Photography Tutor Mervyn Mitchell to explore these fantastic spaces as you practice and develop your photography skills.

This fantastic building full of history is a great chance to take architectural images; the exterior and interior of the building will provide plenty of opportunity to experiment with vantage point, composition and framing to get some unique and interesting images. As you explore, you might want to capture the mood and character of each space, go for something more abstract, or focus on capturing detail. If you attended our contemplative photography workshop in January, this could be a great venue to put some of this new knowledge into practice.

A member of the team will provide a welcoming introduction to the venue before you head off to focus on your photography. Mervyn will be on hand to offer tips, advice and answer any questions you have. There’ll also be chance to go over your images at the end of the session if you’d like any feedback.

A bit of history about the venue:

Set in the heart of the Lace Market and based in Nottingham's former Shire Hall and County Gaol, the National Justice Museum is a piece of history boasting real spaces, real objects, and real stories. Opening on the site in 1995, the building previously operated criminal and civil courts. Through the range of exhibition spaces and engagement work, the museum looks at the impact justice and the law has on us, our communities and the wider society. Within the museum there are Victorian courtrooms, a modern youth courtroom, Georgian prison cells and corridors, sandstone caves, medieval dungeons, prison exercise yard, and a grand Shire Hall.

There is a £5 participation fee to take part in this workshop.

Click here to book your space.

*Contemplative Photography workshop as mentioned above* -

Wednesday 26 January, 13:00 - 15:00 Canal House function room, Canal Street, NG1 7EH

As part of our monthly photography sessions, we’re holding an indoor workshop about Contemplative Photography. (Mindfulness and Photography)

Contemplative photography is a method of seeing and photographing the world in new ways. Integrating meditation into each image that you take.

This informative introductory session delivered by Mervyn Mitchell will help you learn how to be in the moment and capture what you see. It will include mindfulness, contemplative photography exercises and reviewing images.

There is still chance to book on - £5 participation fee. Click here to book.

Thursday 17 March, 11:00 - 13:00

Nottingham Castle, Lenton Road, NG1 6EL

Join us at Nottingham Castle for our March Photography walk, for a chance to explore the grounds, exterior and interior spaces of one of Nottingham’s greatest cultural assets and focal points, with a history that dates back 1000s of years.

Boasting a high vantage point with views across the City Centre, The Castle is a great spot to consider urban landscape photography as well as capturing the heritage and architectural elements of the Castle’s exterior and interior spaces. Within the Castle there are a range of exhibition spaces holding permanent collections, as well as temporary exhibitions to gain inspiration for your images. Steeped in history, there will be plenty of stories and ideas to take from this visit.

A bit of history about the venue:

After it’s beginnings as a wooden Motte-and-Bailey Castle, built in 1068 by William the Conqueror in his attempts to assert his control over his new territory, numerous changes have taken place. It was in 1878 after the sixth Duke tasked Architect T.C Hine to renovate the Castle into a Museum of Fine Art that it became the Castle, or Ducal Palace we are familiar with today. It was the first public museum of art in the country and since 1878 it has been a museum for Nottingham and its community.

The Castle holds an extensive collection of artworks including world-class examples of Nottingham alabaster, salt-glazed stoneware, and Nottingham’s world-famous lace. A £30 million renovation project has recently taken place to upgrade the Castle and to create new facilities that will help save and share the stories of Nottingham, Robin Hood and the Castle for generations to come.

If you are interested in reading more about the history of the Castle click here

There is a £5 participation fee to take part in this workshop.

Click here to book your space.

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