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Coralee a mermaid's tale

As part of Radical Horizon's - The Art of Burning Man at Chatsworth, there is a beautifully crafted shimmering mermaid sculpture, called Coralee.

On a recent ArtSpeak trip to Radical Horizon, we were lucky to encounter Coralee and were amazed to see what had been used to make her.

Credit Chatsworth House Trust

Burning Man artist, Dana Albany, explains her creative process and enjoyment of working with the 'unfiltered' imaginations of Derbyshire school children

To watch a short video of the making of a mermaid click here

Radical Horizons ends on 1 October with a spectacular closing ceremony, there is still time to go see this outdoor exhibition which is free. (Parking charges apply and to attend the the closing ceremony you need to buy a ticket). Further details can be found here

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