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Collecting Memories

Have you shared your memories of ArtSpeak on our website yet?

Do you have a favourite memory of ArtSpeak?

Have you got something to share?

We're collecting ArtSpeak memories and creations to celebrate our members and everything that has been done throughout the project?

You're invited to send anything you've created with ArtSpeak or as a result of taking part in a session, perhaps something you saw on one of our visits inspired you.

This could be a photograph, a piece of writing, a photo, a scanned copy of something you've drawn, painted, printed, or made.

If you have something you'd like to share with us, head to the website and select the 'My ArtSpeak' section. You'll need to be logged in, then select the 'upload photos' button. You'll then see the option to upload a a photo/s or submit a message in the box - 'Tell us about your photo or share an ArtSpeak memory'.

A few days after uploading, your images will appear in the ArtSpeak members gallery which you can find under the gallery heading on the website.


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1 Comment

Sandra Warzynski
Mar 03, 2023

I went to the sculpture park in Yorkshire and enjoyed not only seeing the sculptures but making a picture as well out of nature.

The only downside was we were stuck on the motorway for over 3 hours so we didn't get home until much later than planned but I think a few dates with other people stuck on the motorway as well were made and perhaps a few romances might blossom from this unfortunate incident!!!!

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