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ArtSpeak Creative Cafe

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

As part of ArtSpeak’s consultation process several Creative Cafes were held in April 2019, as an opportunity to meet potential participants and open a shared conversation about what the ArtSpeak programme could be and look like.

Each session was led by writer and journalist, James Walker and they were held in The Meadows, Strelley, Bulwell and Clifton where we met some amazingly vibrant and interesting local people who shared some of their life stories with us. Our aim was to find out what connection people had to each area, what creative activities they liked and what they wanted to do more of, or try for the first time.

What inspired us most was their willingness to talk about themselves, their history, their journey through life and the things they are passionate about. Some elements have resonated with us, mainly that there is no age limit to living a fulfilled life, although there might be barriers that prevent us from doing the things we used to, the need and desire to engage in activities that enlighten and enrich us are just as strong; in some cases they become even more prevalent and often become what makes older people ‘tick’.

Through ArtSpeak we want to offer creative opportunities and a variety of ways for people to connect with others; enhance their cultural engagement in an eclectic programme of arts events, activities and projects that keep them interested, and help them to stay young at heart.

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