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Using a bespoke arts programme we are aiming to address some of the issues that can affect an ageing population of a city. We want to help improve the social well-being of older people and make our over 60's more visible and active in society.  

Our belief is that cultural engagement at any age underpins emotional stability and benefits health and wellbeing. 

The ArtSpeak programme will cover the following strands of activity: 

ArtSpeak Create – hands on workshops ie. Painting, drawing, upcycling, craft. 

ArtSpeak Participate – Dance group, theatre group, photography workshops

ArtSpeak Live – Just Jamming Music sessions

ArtSpeak Meets – gallery walkthroughs, workshops in cultural venues, and group visits to other cultural venues, cities and places

"Man does not cease to play because he grows old, he grows old because he ceases to play" George Bernard Shaw

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