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Looking to expand your Photography Skills?

After the success of a 10 week photography course we're expanding this offer and working with a different photographer each month to run workshops in specialised fields of photography.

These workshops will involve an element of theory based learning as well as an opportunity to put what you've learnt into practice and enjoy a practical workshop on location with the photographer.

Upcoming workshops cover -

Alternative Camera Techniques and Fine Art Photography with Dominic Pote

Tuesday 11 February - Cafe Sobar, Friar Lane, 1 -4pm

Tuesday 25 February - Outdoor location TBC, 1 - 4pm

Expand your understanding of photography and get more creative with your practice by joining Fine Art Photographer Dominic Pote for two, fun and experimental, workshops that will teach you a range of alternative camera techniques. Both sessions will encourage and inspire you to explore new ways of working and capturing images. 

Throughout both sessions you'll explore: multiple exposure, long exposure, pinhole photography and alternative image capture.

Documentary Photography, sequencing and editing with David Severn

Tuesday 3 March - Cafe Sobar, Friar Lane, 1 - 4pm

Tuesday 17 March - City Arts, Hockley, 1:30 - 4pm

Heard the expression a picture paints a thousand words? Use your photography to delve into, and document an area of interest, and explore the idea of using your images to build a narrative.

Throughout these two workshops led by Documentary Photographer David Severn, he'll set tasks and exercises whilst sharing tips and advice to help you explore the idea of storytelling through your photography. David will offer feedback and discuss and demonstrate key sequencing and editing techniques to prepare and encourage you to develop your own projects. 

Rural Landscapes and Fine Art Photography with Juliette Mills

Tuesday 21 April, Clumber Park, 11 - 4pm

Head out of the City and get closer to nature by exploring the wonderful picturesque landscape of Clumber Park set in the Nottinghamshire Countryside with photographer Juliette Mills.

Taking a Fine Art approach, Juliette will share her expertise to help you view things in a different light and capture some unique images along the way. 

Wildlife Photography with Jack Perks

Tuesday 12 May, Cafe Sobar, Friar Lane, 1 - 4pm

Tuesday 19 May, Attenborough Nature Reserve, 1 - 4pm

It’s said you should never work with children or animals, but wildlife photographer Jack Perks makes the latter look easy and is delivering two workshops to help guide you in the right direction to achieving the results you want.

Whether you’re an avid wildlife photographer already or it’s an area you’d like to explore further, these informative and inspiring workshops will give you the tips and motivation you need to develop your skillset in this specialised field. 

Workshop one will be an indoor talk involving going through the basics of camera controls, fieldcraft and the best ways to get wildlife images.

Fees apply, if you're interested in booking any of these workshops visit the Creative Workshops page.

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