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In case you missed it, we're offering the following free online tutorials this week:


Tuesday 24 November, 2 - 3:30pm

Do you love taking photos? Could you do with some advice around perfecting your technique and understanding your camera functions? 

This photography tutorial is suitable for all levels and is designed to help you achieve your photographic goals. It’ll cover composition, exposure and depth of field, as well as help you switch from using automatic and get to grips with working on manual camera settings. 

The tutorial will be led by Dan from The Photo Workshop. The Photo Workshop is a local business that delivers workshops for Creative Hearts and Curious Minds. They pride themselves on delivering training that is easy to understand, free from technical jargon, creative and practical. The sessions are relaxed, informal, and welcoming. 

There’ll be a Q&A session at the end of the tutorial and Dan will also be holding a separate critique session for anyone wanting to share any of their work and gain some feedback. The date of the critique session will be confirmed after this first tutorial. 

No experience required, just sign up here to receive the zoom meeting link.


Wednesday 25 November, 11 - 12pm

What was the surrealism movement?

When did it start?

Who were the key Artists who practiced surrealism?

In this insightful, relaxed and informal tutorial, Visual Artist Tom Crump will talk you through the origins of Surrealism. In a visually engaging presentation, you will delve into the history and enjoy an exploration of what influenced the movement and find out why it was such an important moment in Art History.

Take a look at who the leading Artistic figures were, reflect on how it is still relevant today and consider which Artists continue to be influenced and inspired by the movement.

No previous knowledge required, just sign up here to receive the zoom meeting link

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